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Join Our Alliance Of Sacred Medicine Practitioners 

Your Path To Unlimited You!

By embracing the principles of these guidelines, you commit to adhering to our core values:



In all that we do, we infuse it with our love for our planet, for one another and for ourselves. Recognizing that the most profound impacts arise when we genuinely love our pursuits, we understand the transformative power of love, not only for ourselves but for those around us. Acting with love in our hearts enhances our likelihood of transcendence of challenges faced by our Human Family.


Through humility and transparency, we inspire individuals, groups, and society to hold themselves to the highest ethical standards. By doing so, we aim to restore harmony and healing in our relationships with one another and the world. 


Truthfulness, respect, transparency, collaboration, responsibility, acceptance, equity, inclusivity, sensitivity, and humility serve as the cornerstones of our communication approach. We recognize that our conversations and outreach must adhere to these principles, aligning with our intention to serve the planet and humanity optimally.


Courage is the bedrock of our commitment to elevating human well-being through the alliance's focus on sacred medicines and innovative health optimization technologies and treatments. We understand the potential of these technologies to awaken and uplift us. This knowledge inspires us to boldly stand up and take a leadership role within our communities, advocating for transformative health and healing practices.


Through humility and transparency, we inspire individuals, groups, and society to hold themselves to the highest ethical standards. By doing so, we aim to restore harmony and healing in our relationships with one another and the world. 

Honouring of Indigenous Medicine Ways

We stand in deep reverence and honouring of the ancient wisdom keepers and stewards of sacred medicines. The profound knowledge encompassing Indigenous Cultural, Spiritual, and Wisdom Teachings, along with the Sacred Ceremonies and Medicines, Prophecies, and deep insights into Mother Earth's Natural Laws, have the potential to bring enlightenment and illumination to all individuals within our Human Family. 

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The Alliance actively seeks to serve all people, challenging barriers to participation. We align with principles of equity and justice, fostering diversity and placing connection and collaboration at the core of our collective efforts.


With an unwavering commitment to the greater good, we uphold honest, consistent, inclusive, and uncompromising principles. The Sacred Medicine Alliance is dedicated to maintaining transparency, fostering collaboration, and perpetually striving for improvement across every level of our mission.


Our core mission is to effect positive change in the world and improve the lives of individuals through access to sacred medicines and advanced health optimization therapies. Every step we take, is driven by our resolute intention to make a difference and advance us toward our collective goals.


Kindness is the ultimate gift, transcending differences and misunderstandings. It serves as the bedrock upon which flourishing relationships are built. The Sacred Medicine Alliance invites all to engage with curiosity, acceptance, and compassion, approaching all interactions with open hearts.


Responsibility is the ability to respond, and we encourage everyone to take ownership of their actions and reactions in the tapestry of life.


Sacredness unites us in a graceful, eternal surrender to the beauty and joy that surrounds us. Profound wisdom emerges from our sacred connection to ourselves, each other, and the shared web of life. Everything in life is sacred, from our relationships with others to the way we walk, talk, and breathe. We honour every action and word with intention, love, and respect.



We assert our inherent right to freedom in selecting and pursuing the therapies and treatments we deem best for our health and well-being. We stand resolute in our choices for diagnosing, treating, and preventing illnesses and in striving for optimal wellness. Furthermore, we claim our liberty to seek any assistance, whether legal or in private enterprise, to support our decisions.


We hold a profound responsibility to ensure the ongoing support and stability of our community. Equally, we have an essential obligation to our planet to conduct our actions in a way that restores and enhances, rather than depletes.

"The hurt of one, is the hurt of all
The victory of one, is the victory of All"

"Chief Phil Lane Jr"

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